The IGT game known as Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Game designers have, over the course of many years, experimented with tweaking and modifying many of the most popular Betflix games in the casino in order to offer new twists to traditional games that players are already acquainted with. Crapless Craps has become a popular version on the game that bears its name, and poker has been modified into several table games that can be seen on the regular casino floor. Super Fun 21 is a game that was derived from blackjack, and it was named after the game.

The game of roulette is an exception to the rule since it has been more or less shielded from this tendency. When you walk into a traditional land-based casino, you’ll see a lot of people gathered around the roulette wheels, but they’re all participating in the same game. In fact, the rules of the game haven’t changed much in the last century, with the exception of the introduction of fancier display boards and electronic variants of the game. However, in the realm of online gaming, IGT has developed a number of various methods to spice up this game, including one that is known as Double Bonus Spin Roulette.

Yellow, in addition to Red, Black, and Green…

If you just glanced at the user interface for Double Bonus Spin Roulette for a moment, you could have been fooled into thinking that this was a standard version of the game. The fact that the numerals from 1 through 36, as well as zero and double zero, are still included in this arrangement makes it most similar to the American style layout. All of the traditional bets are available, in addition to “French bets” and the splits and “dragon” bets that may often be seen at IGT’s tables. The payout percentages for each of these bets are the same as the rates offered in regular games of roulette.

A further in-depth examination, however, shows one very significant distinction: there is a large yellow pocket on the wheel. That is equivalent to the bonus bet, which can be found on the table layout just above the zeroes. This game is one of a kind because of this unusual wager, which offers an additional facet to the mix in the form of the opportunity to win something similar to a jackpot on each and every spin.

The first payouts on this bet are not very generous: you will win 12-1 on a straight bet for that place, you will win 6-1 if you play a split bet between this spot and a zero, and you will win 4-1 if you play a bet split between the bet and both zeroes. The fact that the yellow pocket is 50 percent bigger than all of the others makes it easier to hit the bonus; but, this first payment is still significantly lesser than what you would earn if you bet on any other number or combination.

This Special Round Gives You Twice as Many Opportunities to Win

After the first payment, the activation of the bonus will provide the most advantage to the player. At that point, the wheel will split in half to become two separate wheels. Both will rotate, and when they stop, the ball will drop into one of the pockets, causing the results on each ring of numbers to align with one another. These are going to turn out to be the winning numbers for the bonus round.

The outcomes of any wagers that you placed throughout the course of the regular spin will now be determined by the numbers that have been randomly picked. In addition to that, there are additional payments that come into play if the yellow area is struck a second time. In the very improbable case that both wheels fall on yellow, you will get an amazing payoff of 1,200 to 1 if you win the wager. If only one wheel lands on yellow, the payment remains unchanged at 120 to 1.

It is undeniably thrilling to have the potential to win such a significant jackpot on each and every spin, but that is not the only manner in which this feature may benefit you. Realizing that you may have free opportunities to win more money on top of what you already have won from all of your previous bets is the most important step in taking advantage of it. This means that every time you hit the bonus, you are effectively earning two free spins – something that very few land-based casino owners would be ready to offer you if you played at one of their establishments!

Payouts that are favorable to the players make for an excellent game.

Even though they seem to be more enjoyable for the player, unique variations of standard gambling games almost always end up being less favorable for the player overall. An old proverb states that a casino wouldn’t give players a bet unless they had some kind of an advantage, and that side bets and gimmicks are almost always worse for gamblers than the main bets in any given game. This is due to the fact that casinos want to make as much money as possible off of their customers.

We are relieved to report that Double Bonus Spin Roulette is an exception to this norm, which makes us delighted to say so. When playing this version, the house edge is really rather low, coming in at less than 2 percent when you play the bonus bet. While games with two zeros are often ones that players should avoid, this version actually comes in with a very low house edge. This makes the game superior than the traditional single-zero version of roulette; similar games that also employ the la partage or en jail rules are the only ones that give even higher possibilities for you to come out ahead over the course of a session of play.

Because of this, the game is somewhat of a rarity: it is a more thrilling and more entertaining version of an ageless game that also gives outstanding odds, making it a wonderful option for both casual gamers and those who take the game very seriously. We are certain that you will like playing this game if you are a fan of roulette and you are currently participating in gaming at an IGT casino.

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